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Let's make it memorable.

improved CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE:   Customers are the marketing department. If you make a mark on them, they will remark to others about the experience you provided.  Nice isn’t noteworthy.

Customers experience your business 6 senses- sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and FEEL. How does someone feel when they hang up, interact with or walk away from your business?  How do you know?

The old saying "a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" comes to mind. Imagine the freedom of being able to focus more on wowing those in hand- keeping them coming back again and again- with less worry over attracting new ones. 

SureFire will help assess the current customer experience from multiple angels, gain customer feedback, and develop new ways to deliver exceptional and remarkable experiences.  

MARKETING & MATERIALS:  In line with your color scheme and branded style, your print material and electronic copy will get a once over.  Your brand should spill into your social media, imagery, and marketing material with  captivating content.  Be different.  Be eye catching.  All marketing & materials will strategically be tweaked or created, as needed, to quickly capture the attention of potential customers and draw them in. 


A new marketing style and a updated marketing plan will help you attain what you wasn't possible striving on your own.

BRANDED ENVIRONMENTS:  Pretty logos and cool websites are important but your facility is stale, outdated and blah.  Lackluster places slip the mind.  Even a great product or service served without remarkable ambiance is just forgettable.  A facility refresh is due. 

Arrival at your business shouldn't feel like a bad case of online dating.  "Hmm, she sure looked better on Instagram." Fresh decor and affordable updates will be in line with your business brand.  This is both hospitality and marketing. This helps to build trust with clients and the community.   Branded environments are part of the overall customer experience- the 3D part of your brand. 


Your load is heavy.  Leading a team, balancing books, and providing services to stay afloat.  We get that.


Let's sit down and discuss what is working well and where improvement is needed.  Together we can help you implement a strategic plan, goals for your team and for each individual.  For our businesses to grow, each team member must.


Take a deep breath.  Help is here.

We have collaborated to create simple and effective team development procedures and review forms that translate to any industry.