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Audrey G. Jones

Audrey, a creator to the core, has worked in marketing and development for both non and for profit organizations with a focus on small and local small businesses.  She delivers the wow with her design skills and unique ideas.  Audrey leads teams into simple and effective processes for goal setting, strategic planning and all around improvement. Businesses can expect to thrive with refreshed customer experience. Expect a coffee in hand as she transforms branding and marketing from blah to breathtaking. 

Audrey Jones

Writers, creatives and consultants are all like tuning forks. They respond when they are struck by something.


We have been struck...  by what patients and customers want. 


They don’t want just a transaction.  They aren’t solely focused on just a great product or deal.


They want an experience. 


An exceptional experience. One that stands out. One that ignites something memorable within them. One they can't help but share.


We can help your business strike that match.

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